When the plants arrive

As soon as you get the box, open directly, make pictures or video if you can.

Amazon Garden Thailand Imported Plant Acclimation Guide:

  1. The plant must be in high humidity as quickly as possible. The plant will decline rapidly if placed in a low humidity environment after potting. It is completely normal to have to treat minor rot and/or damage on imported plants.

  2. Inspect Roots: If they are soft, cut the root back slightly past the damaged portion to where they are firm and white.

  3. Inspect Stem: If there are brown or soft portions on the stem, trim slightly past the damaged area to the remaining firm portion. Allow the cut to fully callus before placing it in a growing medium. • We recommend laying the plant sideways in a high humidity environment and covering the roots with sphagnum moss while allowing the freshly cut portion to dry.

  4. Inspect Foliage: Unless there are only a few leaves on the plant, remove any yellowing or browning foliage.

  5. Place the plants in a container with water and fungicide for 24 hours in a high humidity environment with moderate light.

  6. After 24 hours, pot the plants into your growing medium of choice. We strongly advise against potting directly into a soil mix. • Generally, a good acclimation medium is a 50/50 mix of high-quality sphagnum moss and perlite. Other adequate acclimation medium includes flavum stratum, LECA, perlite, pumice, sphagnum moss, tree fern, and pon.

  7. Monitor the root growth. Once your plant develops a healthy new system of roots, repot the plant into your preferred growing medium, and move to an area with high humidity and moderate to bright light.

  8. After your plant acclimates to your growing medium, slowly transition it to your final growing conditions.

Quick Tips:
• Imported plants need to be placed in a high humidity environment as soon as possible. If you only have ambient growing conditions, clear plastic bags or Tupperware containers can effectively acclimate plants.
• Never allow the medium of freshly imported plants to dry. Some place a layer of perlite at the bottom of the pot and put the plants in a tray with a small amount of water. This also assists in raising the ambient humidity.
• Plants should not be immediately placed in bright light. It is best to start with moderate light, then move them to bright light once you see new foliar or root growth, slowly transition them to brighter light.
• Clear pots will allow you to monitor root growth without disturbing the plant by unpotting it.
• If using sphagnum moss, the quality matters! We recommend Besgrow New Zealand Premium Sphagnum Moss.